Michigan Residents say NO to Dismemberment Abortion

An opportunity is before Michigan citizens. By working together, we can ban the inhumane abortion procedure known as the D&E or dilation and evacuation method. This method of abortion uses surgical instruments to forcibly remove arms and legs from a living human being in the womb.

Michigan’s Constitution allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition. The petition seeks legislation that would amend our partial-birth abortion ban by adding the equally horrific dismemberment abortion procedure to that ban. The advantage of this approach is that the bill’s language cannot be changed by the legislature, but more importantly, it cannot be vetoed by Governor Whitmer! We need 340,047 valid signatures to initiate the legislation.

Due to coronavirus-related delays, the Bureau of Elections has temporarily paused processing our petitions. They can resume after the executive order restricting size of gatherings has been lifted.

Our target end date was December 12. 379,418 signatures were submitted on December 23, and are being verified by the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Please check back here for further updates.

Watch the video to find out what a dismemberment abortion is.