Dismemberment Abortion Flyer

Learn about the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortion. Click here to download the Spanish version.

Questions & Answers


Why do we need this petition drive?

The dismemberment abortion procedure is a barbaric form of abortion that is frequently used during the second trimester of pregnancy. Unborn babies between 13-24 weeks gestation are literally dismembered alive in their mother’s womb. In 2018, there were 1,908 D&E or dilation and evacuation abortions performed in Michigan. That’s more than 5 per day, every day in the state.

How can registered voters initiate legislation?

Michigan’s Constitution allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition. The advantage of this approach is that the bill’s language cannot be changed by the legislature nor can it be vetoed by the governor.

Will this be on the ballot?

It’s unlikely. This petition drive is to initiate legislation that was passed by both the House and the Senate and promised to be vetoed by Governor Whitmer. After enough registered voter’s signatures are gathered (approximately 400,000), it will become law with a simple majority vote in the same House and Senate that recently voted to approve the measure. The governor will have no ability to veto the legislation once it is approved. Prolife people have been successful in the past with citizens’ initiated petition drives.

Will this legislation ban all abortions?

No. This law will only ban a specific type of abortion procedure used most often in the second trimester. Michigan law already bans all abortions except to save the life of the mother. Our current law cannot go into full effect until Roe vs. Wade is overturned. In the meantime, banning this heinous form of abortions could save 1,908 unborn babies from being dismembered in the womb.

Why should we support the dismemberment ban instead of the heartbeat ban?

A heartbeat ban sounds good but it is actually less protective than current Michigan law. Our current law is in place and enforceable to the extent allowable under Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. A heartbeat ban would not be enforceable and would create a conflict in state law. The dismemberment ban does not create a conflict in state law because it does not ban abortion, but rather a specific abortion procedure.

How long do we have to collect signatures?

There is a 180-day window for submitted signatures. We began collecting signatures on June 26, 2019. We will likely be collecting signatures into mid-November. We will give people 14 days’ notice to send in remaining petitions when we approach the end.

How many signatures have you collected?

By the end of September, we have collected more than 200,000 signatures. We’re confident we’ll get the final half to reach 400,000 signatures in the 180-day window.

Where can I go to find a circulator?

We don’t have the ability to keep track of 10,000 circulators. Request a petition on this website, we’ll mail it to you, and please find 7 more signatures before you mail it back! Click here to request a petition.

Has Governor Whitmer vetoed the dismemberment abortion ban?

No, it has not been sent to her yet. She has loudly promised to veto it. The bills to ban dismemberment abortion passed by the Michigan House and Senate are independent of this initiated legislation and her veto is not legally necessary for the petition drive. It’s better to collect signatures in August than January in Michigan, so we did not wait.