Petition Instructions

WARNING: PETITIONS MUST NOT BE PHOTOCOPIED, DOWNLOADED OR PRINTED. All petitions must be original documents from Michigan Values Life.

  1. The circulator must write in a county name at the top of each petition form. Make sure that all signers are registered to vote in that county. You may circulate petitions of any county in the state, but a different petition form must be used for each county.
  2. The signer must sign his/her FULL name.
  3. In the space provided, the signer should write his/her house number and street name or rural route. POST OFFICE BOX NUMBERS ARE INVALID.
  4. The signer must write in the City or Township where he/she is registered to vote. Do NOT write in both City and Township. Writing more than one jurisdiction will invalidate your signature.

  5. The signer must include the zip code in the space provided.
  6. The signer must also write in the DATE when signing the petition, NOT A BIRTH DATE.
  7. AFTER the circulator has gathered signatures, he/she MUST complete the lower right section of each petition form. No signatures may be added to the petition form AFTER this portion has been completed and dated. Filling out the final line of the circulator section (county of registration, if registered to vote, of a circulator who is not a resident of Michigan) is only necessary if the circulator lives outside of Michigan.
  8. If you make a mistake, cross over your mistake and write above it or simply use a new line.Make certain that all sections have been completed.
  • Ditto marks are not acceptable.
  • Petition forms are acceptable with at least one but no more than 8 signatures.
  • The circulator may be a signer of his/her own petition form.
  • Re-fold the petition form so the mailing address is visible, seal the form with tape, affix a first class postage stamp and drop it in the mail.
  • You may return multiple petition forms in a separate envelope addressed to Michigan Values Life, P.O. Box 901, Grand Rapids, MI 49509-0901.